SIREC D Software

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sirec d software-1SIREC D Software


Various high-performance software packages are available as options for parameter setting, real-time display and storing, evaluation, analyzing and archiving.

SIREC D- Viewer (included in the scope of supply)

  • Import of offline data from e.g. USB media and evaluating
  • Display and printing of the imported data

SIREC D- Manager Pro

  • Offline data analysis of stored data
  • Display, export (to Excel) and printing of imported data
  • Archiving of measurement data

SIREC D- Server

  • Network-compatible software package for connection of an unlimited number of recorders
  • Communication via Ethernet/TCP/IP
  • Real-time or FTP data transfer
  • Display, export (CSV files or OPC) and printing
  • Archiving of measurement data

SIREC D- Designer

  • Customized displays for SIREC D300 and SIREC D400
  • Customer specific and application related
  • Customized display combinations with bar graphs, trends, digitals